Things to know before buying Health Insurance

Who knew buying Health Insurance was this difficult

It all started with a simple tweet

I had recently done a lot of research before buying health insurance for few family members

Reading through the complicated policy wordings wasn't easy...That's why I wanted to share my learning with more people

The tweet hit a nerve

Surprisingly, the thread received a lot of engagement

Many people shared their experience on how difficult it is to understand and choose health insurance that's right for them/their loved ones

Problem worth solving

Although I knew that the experience of looking and buying for health insurance is broken, I didn't realise just how broken it was until now

When I made few of my friends read the many comments in response, we agreed that this is a problem worth digging in

And just like that, we decided to give it a shot

Any help appreciated

Although it's clear to us that mind-numbing jargons and torturous fine print are at the core of this problem, we would love to hear any other problems you might have faced

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